I’m a mom, wife, and food lover originally from Southern California but now I live in Portland, OR. I have always loved to cook and I can remember watching TV Food Network as a kid and getting in trouble for making up my own recipes with any ingredients that I could find. As a teenager I became the primary cook in my household and loved to cook and bake delicious (but not always very nutritious) food for my family and friends.

I have always been drawn toward a whole foods diet and started down a path of healthier living in my early 20s. My parents started doing Crossfit and learned about the Paleo diet and we adopted many of the principles but because I didn’t have any specific health issues, I still ate things like gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. As we approached our 30s and after Bryston’s cancer diagnosis we started to stick to a stricter Paleo diet. I finally fully jumped on the wagon when our daughter (who is still nursing) needed to stick to a strict elimination diet due to a mysterious health issue. I’ve learned a lot along the way and I feel better than I ever have. I currently remain on the strict elimination diet to help manage our daughter’s symptoms and while I am hoping to reintroduce some foods down the road (hello eggs!!) I am committed to sticking to a much stricter Paleo diet for my own health and the health of my family!

I love to create new recipes to reimagine some of my old favorites and discover new flavors and combinations. Since moving to Portland I have also started gardening and I love to take advantage of the amazing CSAs, meat shares, and farmer’s markets to find the freshest, highest quality ingredients. As a stay at home mom to two young kids, I know that dinner time can often be the hardest part of the day, so I love to meal prep and throw together quick, healthy meals for my family.

When I found out that I was pregnant with our son Everett in 2014, I decided to stop using my favorite department store makeup and skincare and make the switch to safer, more natural personal care products. I quickly found Primally Pure and started using their deodorant and many of their other products, but I couldn’t find a makeup and skincare brand that I loved. In 2016 I tried Beautycounter for the first time and immediately joined as a consultant. Two years later and I love the products more than ever! My next step is to get a better handle on the products that we use inside our home and I’m taking advantage of our impending move to revamp our household cleaners and other products to make sure that we are continuing away to well.