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Is it just me or was it September yesterday? Hi guys (this is me assuming that people actually read this, I should probably just say hi mom), I was kind of on a roll there with posting and I have a whole list of blog content and then I posted about our family photos and we drove to Southern California and now it’s the middle of November. I have no excuses for you, but I thought I would give a little update on what’s been going on and then get the ball rolling on new content!

As I already said, we drove to Southern California at the beginning of October.

It’s a new adventure every single time!

Anytime we tell people that we drive to Southern California from Portland, Oregon, they’re either shocked or they say something like “how long is that drive, like 8 hours?” (umm try 16). It’s bananas, but we usually do end up driving down to Southern California once or twice a year when we go for a longer visit because we bring our dog and we like to have our own car. This was our first time doing the full drive with both kids and it went surprisingly well. On the way  down, we leave our house in the afternoon and drive until dinnertime. Then we stop to eat and let the kids wiggle a little and then we put them in pj’s and cross our fingers that they sleep while we drive straight through to Gaga and Papa’s house! We get to our destination around 8am and use a combination of grandparents and caffeine to make it through the day and then we go to bed early and get right back on track!

Enjoying the beach in October! 

We were in Orange County for 2 weeks, Bryston ran the Long Beach Half Marathon the first weekend that we were there and then he flew off to Milan for a work conference for 5 days. He got back just in time to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday and my sister’s baby shower! Then we spent the next week hanging out with family in sunny Southern California before we headed up to the Bay Area to see friends on the way home. We made it home just in time to jump into birthday and Halloween prep! Everett turned 4 on October 29th (don’t ask me how he’s already four years old?!?!)! To celebrate, we met some friends at a local indoor playground and got Blue Star donuts the day before his birthday and then had a simple dinner and cake (Simple Mills cake mix and frosting for the win!!) at home on his actual birthday. He specifically requested mahi mahi with roasted potatoes and broccoli and then decided that he didn’t actually like mahi mahi (eyeroll face emoji). This is a very common dinner theme lately, basically Everett now hates all the food that I make for dinner (angry face emoji).

My big 4 year old guy!

Halloween is always a busy time for me because I like to make the kids’ costumes. My grandma always made mine and my sister’s costumes growing up and I remember how much I loved choosing what I wanted to be and then seeing what my grandma made. My grandma is a waaaaayyy better seamstress than I am so my costumes are nowhere near her level. For the most part I buy some base pieces and then use felt, a glue gun and all the creativity I have! I like that I’m keeping the homemade costume tradition alive and hopefully my kids will get in on the creativity as they get older! This year Everett decided to be the character Wingspan from the Netflix show Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters and I made a dalmation costume for Arden but most people thought she was either a cow or a spotted bunny (whatever, she looked cute!). We had a fun time trick or treating around our block with the neighbors and then I sent the candy to work with Bryston the next day! We participated in the Teal Pumpkin project again this year and gave out glow sticks, toy dinosaurs, bubbles, and organic allergen free lollipops! It was a fun first Halloween in our new house and I’m excited to build some new traditions here!

Getting pictures before the kids went trick or treating wasn’t the easiest!
Wingspan’s headed to preschool!

And now it’s November and we’re settling into Fall and Thanksgiving is just days away. This time of life that we’re in is interesting because every year is so different. Our kids are at the ages where they are developing so quickly and we’re just trying to keep up! This Fall has been fun because Everett is old enough to enjoy family movie nights! For the past two Fridays (and we plan to continue) we have baked a special treat in the afternoon, made popcorn and picked out a movie to watch! Our first movie was The Incredibles and Everett demanded that everyone call him Dash for the next few days and last night we watched The Muppet Movie and he loved it! It’s so fun to watch his face light up as he watches the movie and I can’t wait to introduce him to some of our old favorites. At this point Arden pretty much just runs around and climbs on all of us as we watch, but I’m excited for her to get into movie night as she gets older. As parents to young children, the weekends can be pretty mundane but having a fun tradition like Friday movie night is making it more exciting for everyone!

The tree in our backyard is living her best fall life!

That’s pretty much our life update for right now! We are staying home for a quiet Thanksgiving this week. I will write a post about our menu and how we have made some simple adjustments to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal that suits our dietary needs! Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I will be back here soon!

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