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I have a confession to make- I haven’t done any sort of regular exercise since 2013. I would like to think that being a mom to two young kids keeps me pretty active but I can’t exactly call it exercise. As a kid I usually was involved in some type of sport but nothing ever really clicked. I think I spent more time picking flowers in the outfield than catching fly balls. In high school I fell in love with dance until a back injury put me out of commission and I didn’t do much that would be considered exercise in college. But after college, I sort of fell in love with fitness for a few years. I started doing group fitness with friends at work and actually ended up getting certified as a NASM personal trainer to teach group fitness classes and do personal training with a few individual clients. Bryston and I started doing Bikram yoga at a studio near our apartment in Newport Beach and we loved the intense challenge! I also started running and found a real love for long distance running. I ran two half marathons and trained for a full marathon but backed out and ran a half at the last minute (it’s still on my bucket list). When we moved to Portland I had every intention to keep exercising and then I got pregnant with Everett right away and didn’t really find an exercise groove. And aside from some prenatal yoga while I was pregnant with Arden I haven’t gotten back into any sort of fitness routine.

Bryston has done an amazing job getting into a good exercise routine over the past two years and it has really been inspiring to me. I have also been very jealous of the time that he gets to spend on himself. He’s really lucky to have a few great gyms on campus at work so it’s very easy for him to workout before or after work. When we moved this summer I found Everett a spot in the preschool program at our local community center. I knew that they had a pretty nice gym facility and offered group fitness classes and then I found out that they also offered drop in childcare!! And suddenly a plan was hatched! That’s a little dramatic, but seriously, I could see a near future where I could drop Everett off at preschool and take Arden to drop in childcare and have an hour to work out on my own! And today that future became a reality and it was awesome. Arden didn’t even cry when I dropped her off AND since the sun was shining, I ran outside in the large park around the community center. The run was very slow and short, but I did it.

See what I mean about the slow and not very far part…

So for now, I’m going to try to workout 3 times a week. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to get into a super regular routine, but I know that regular exercise and just time for myself is going to be great for me. I will probably try out some of the group fitness classes and I would like to slowly start running again. However, I will be honest- I think I might be a Goldilocks runner (it can’t be too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry… you get the idea). My running experience was all in Newport Beach, I literally ran out my door and was at the beach in half a mile. The weather was almost always perfect and I got to stare at the ocean while I ran. I don’t know how I will fare running in the elements so I might have to be a seasonal runner. I think I will also pay for a few personal training sessions to get into a routine and have someone who I have to be accountable to. I’m excited and I’m hoping that I can keep up the momentum. Today felt good (we will see how sore I am tomorrow!) and I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me. So tell me, how do you fit exercise into your life?

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