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When I was pregnant with Everett I started to focus more on the products that I used on my skin. My makeup, hair, and skincare “routines” had always been pretty minimal but I had some products that I liked to use and a general daily routine. Once I started to question those products and then try to replace those products with safer alternatives things got a lot more complicated. Should I go the DIY route and make all my own products? I dabbled in making some masks but I definitely didn’t think I could make my own makeup so I started to look at different brands and try different products.

One of the first companies that I found was Primally Pure and I still use many of their products. Primally Pure is a company from Southern California and they use all certified organic ingredients from small family farms. The founder’s family owns the farm Primal Pastures which is well known in the paleo community for their pastured meat. Primally Pure has some beautiful skincare products and they make my favorite safe deodorant and dry shampoo! I’m currently using the Lemongrass deodorant but I want to try the new Blue Tansy scent next! I will warn you that many of these products are not vegetarian or vegan, so if that is important to you then you will have to look elsewhere!

Another brand that I love is Earth Mama Organics. I found this company when I was looking for baby products and their Organic Diaper Balm is my favorite for diaper rash or skinned knees! Earth Mama Organics is a brand based in Oregon (yay for shopping local!) and their products are also certified organic and all natural. They have wonderful products for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. I love their teas and all of their different balms. They now offer a safe deodorant but I haven’t personally tried it. If anyone in your life is pregnant I would highly recommend their products! Also, in a pinch their nipple butter works great as a lip balm!

The brands that I mentioned above make beautiful, certified organic, all natural products and they’re great and I used them for a couple of years (and continue to use many of them) and really didn’t wear much makeup during that time. I will say that I am happy that I took the time to get used to my makeup free face. However, after a couple years of super minimal makeup I wanted something more and I just wasn’t finding a makeup brand that had the quality and performance that I was looking for. That is until I found Beautycounter. I started to hear about Beautycounter from some of the Paleo bloggers who I follow on social media. It seemed like people were loving the products and I loved the idea of being able to find all the makeup and skincare that I needed from one company, but it still took me awhile to actually jump in and order.

I finally took the plunge when my mom told me that she also wanted to order some Beautycounter products. And I really did take the plunge, not only did I order some products but I also signed up as a consultant to be able to sell the products to others. Initially I thought that I would probably just use the consultant discount for myself and also sell to my mom (thanks mom!) and that’s pretty much what I did for awhile. However, in the two years since I’ve signed up the product line has expanded and these products are too good not to share!

Beautycounter now has 4 distinct skin care lines, plus additional skincare items (like my favorite Overnight Resurfacing Peel), the makeup collection rivals the performance and quality of any department store brand (and you don’t have to worry about lead in your lipstick), and the Volume and Shape hair collection has transformed my haircare routine! If you’re curious about my favorite products and what I use everyday- just look here.

In addition to the amazing product lines, Beautycounter is a movement for safer products and education about the ingredients that are used in personal care products. Beautycounter has banned the use of 1500 harmful ingredients in the products that they create and they are actively working with lawmakers to create legislation to ban these harmful ingredients on a national scale. Beautycounter is also a certified B Corporation which means that they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability. All the way up the supply chain, Beautycounter is dedicated to transparency and rigorous screening to make sure that every ingredient that goes into every product is as safe as it can be.

That might all sound like a bunch of jargon, but I can tell you that I have watched this company grow for the past two years and they are walking the walk. I have seen them pull products from the market if they don’t meet rigorous safety standards- not because there is a law that is requiring them to do it, but because they have set standards that far exceed any law on the books and they are committed to meeting those standards. And let me tell you why this is important to me- in this world of health and wellness there is a lot of information to digest. They say that knowledge is power but ignorance truly is bliss and once you open the door to something you can’t just go back and pretend like you don’t know that something is bad for you and your family. This world is most definitely overwhelming, usually confusing, and it requires a lot of time and energy to sift through the mountain of information and options that exist and find what works the best for you. I love Beautycounter because I know that they did the work for me, they checked to make sure that the ingredients are safe based on the current research and data that is available. This means that I can just shop, I can open up a pretty package and use a beautiful product and not worry that it’s bad for me or for my family. It’s the same bliss but without the ignorance and it’s a beautiful thing when you’re used to asking waiters if there is any dairy, gluten, chicken, etc. in the food that you want to order. 

As I said, I am a Beautycounter consultant and I would love to help you find products that work for you or just tell you more about Beautycounter. You can shop with me here, and you can email me with any questions here. However, if you just aren’t into the direct sales thing you can always order directly from beautycounter.com.

*I have no affiliation with Primally Pure or Earth Mama Organics, I am a consultant with Beautycounter and I do receive a commission if you choose to shop with me

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