Plum Crisp 3

Grain Free Plum Crisp

When your neighbors drop off a bag of beautiful plums, you have to come up with something fun to do with them! With our current list of food restrictions most desserts, even gluten and grain free desserts, contain ingredients that we can’t eat. I’ve had success with fruit crisps/crumbles (what is the difference anyways?) so I thought it would be a great option for our bag of plums! Many grain free desserts contain some form of tapioca- either tapioca starch, arrowroot powder, or cassava flour, and we can’t eat those right now. I found that green banana flour is a good substitute for most recipes! Here’s a great article about the benefits of green banana flour.


3lbs of Italian plums, pitted and quartered

2T Raw, honey

1T Green banana flour

Pinch of salt


¼ c raw almonds

¼ c raw cashews

¼ c almond flour

2T green banana flour

¼ c coconut sugar

¼ c palm shortening, you could also use ghee or coconut oil

Pinch of salt

Grease an 11×7 baking dish with whatever oil you decide to use. In a medium bowl, mix together plums, honey, green banana flour, and salt. In a food processor, pulse topping ingredients until it forms a crumb like consistency. Pour plums into prepared baking dish and sprinkle topping evenly over the top. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until bubbly and browned on top!

This would be great with a coconut based vanilla ice cream or some coconut whipped cream!

I think she likes it! 

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